On The Enshittification of Everything!

Melting Down in The AI Summer!

“And each time we think we reached the peak of AI hype, the summit of bullshit mountain, we discover there’s worst to come” - Prof. Emily M. Bender A Day in The AI Summer It is one of the AI summer days, where almost every executive is hyped up about AI (regardless of what it means). I enter a hall full of people in the tech industry attending an event held by a mid-size tech company! [Read More]

I Am a Careless Person and AI Is Smarter Than Me!

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

“I am a careless person,” he said “AI will help me write better feedback.”. “Isn’t it better to try to be thoughful and think before writing?” I said. “But AI can be my teacher. AI is much smarter” he said with absolute certainty. “This could be his self fulfilling prophecy!” I thought and shrugged, ending the conversation. ¯\(ツ)/¯. The “All You Need is AI” Mindset! The previous lines were part of a conversation during a hackathon presentation I recently attended. [Read More]

AI Hype-Driven Development - Parallels in History

Recurring Patterns from Simulmatics to the Large Language Models Hype

In twenty-first-century Silicon Valley, the meaninglessness of the past and the uselessness of history became articles of faith, gleefully performed arrogance. “The only thing that matters is the future,” said the Google and Uber self-driving car designer Anthony Levandowski in 2018. “I don’t even know why we study history. It’s entertaining, I guess—the dinosaurs and the Neanderthals and the Industrial Revolution and stuff like that. But what already happened doesn’t really matter. [Read More]