I am Data Scientist (Machine Learning focus) with electronics engineering background. I like to engage with data, build data products and help others make data-informed decisions. I always ask they whys and the why nots and I encourage others to question their assumptions. One of the things I care about is algorithmic fairness and I try to trigger others to think about it. I am a certified instructor from The Carpentries and Posit(previosuly Rstudio) and I enjoy teaching coding and data-science related skills.


Full-Length Talks (20-60 mins)

Feb 2020 - [Data Science Meetup - Düsseldorf] (Invited Talk)

  • Machine Learning Interpretability: WHy and How!

Apr 2019 - SatRday Johannesburg (Keynote Speaker)

  • Interpreting Machine Learning Models: Why and How!

Nov 2018 - Datafest Tbilisi (Invited Talk)

  • The Data Lorax: Planting the Seeds of Fairness in Data Products

Sep 2018 - EARL London

  • Beyond Prototypes: A Journey to The Production Land

May 2018 - eRum Budapest

  • Fitting Humans Stories in List Column: Cases from an Online Recruitment Platform

Dec 2017 - Riseup Summit Cairo

  • Once Upon a Data: Crunching Chaotic Numbers into Compelling Stories

Nov 2017- EARL Boston

  • Fitting Humans Stories in List Column: Cases from an Online Recruitment Platform

Lightning Talks

Nov 2018 - Rladies Tbilisi Meetup

  • Machine Learning Interpretability: The LIME Way!

May 2018 - Rladies Budapest Meetup

  • Stringr Explorer: Tweet-Driven Development for a Shiny App




  • Interactive Data Visualization with rbokeh


Jan 2020 (Teaching Assistant) - Rstudio::conf

  • Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow in R

Apr 2019 (Main Instructor) - SatRday Johannesburg

  • Building web applications with Shiny.

Nov 2018 (Main Instructor) - Datafest Tbilisi

  • Tidyverse for data manipulation and visualization.
  • Delving into the depths of ggplot.

Other Activities